Friday Features {9.24.21}

Good morning and Happy Friday! I’m feeling like I’m in a very transitional stage of life right now – the weather is changing, my kids are outgrowing clothes and needing the next sizes up, I’m mid-project on the guest room and waiting to help my sister with her next project at some point in the near future . . . it just feels like I’m “part way” in many things right now! Because of that, today felt like a good day to share some of the little snippets that have been going on around here lately – time for another round of Friday Features!

Fall has Begun!

I know a lot of people like to celebrate fall starting September 1, and you do you, but I love summer and the warm weather (and winter seems to last foreeeeeever in Indiana) so I cling to summer as long as possible. This past week, not only did the weather start to turn cooler, but the fall season officially began on a rainy September 22 so I’m finally feeling ready to embrace it. I am not a pumpkin spice fan and I haven’t set out any fall decor yet, but I did turn on a lamp and light a fall candle and that brought instant coziness! I’m also in my slippers as I write this blog post and I’m thinking about which soups to add to my list for next week’s dinners, so it’s safe to say I’m now all in.

LJ and Mommy Day

Yesterday, LJ had an eye doctor appointment. We see a specialist out of town, so since a bit of travel was involved, we decided to make a fun day out of it! After the appointment (where he did so great!), we headed to explore a fun new playground. Then LJ chose his favorite spot for lunch: Culver’s! We then headed into Target to grab a few things for the guest room and LJ enjoyed strolling the toy aisles and telling me some ideas for his birthday (in two months haha). He also saw these fake flowers and wanted to buy them for his grandma – isn’t that the sweetest!? We had such a great day together!

Guest Bedroom Bedding

Speaking of the Target trip, one thing I wanted to look at was some bedding options for our guest room. Now that I’m updating the walls with a stenciled “faux wallpaper,” I also want to upgrade the bedding a bit. My goal is to have several different layers so guests have options to use depending on their sleeping preferences. We have a down comforter from our previous queen bed and I’ve been looking into duvet covers, specifically linen options. I loved this one from West Elm but just could not justify the price for a bed that only gets used maybe once a month. Yesterday I saw this very similar one at Target for a fraction of the cost and snapped it right up! I also grabbed a yellow grid lumbar pillow and, combined with a textured throw and sheet set I already had, the bedding feels like it’s slowly coming together. I like the mix of large and small graphic patterns in the bedding and think it will provide a good contrast to the botanical pattern that will dominate the walls.

Toddler Mom Life

The other day I was doing some laundry and noticed this in the bathroom sink. Discoveries like this are just little daily reminders that yep, I’m firmly entrenched in the wild world of toddler motherhood. Haha!

Jenni’s Built In Cabinets

On Monday I shared all the work we did in my sister Jenni’s kitchen, and if you follow me on Instagram you probably also saw that we did some work on the built ins in the adjoining room too. Jenni chose Sherwin Williams Inkwell for these built ins and it’s such a great moody color that perfectly plays off the red brick fireplace. Such a great improvement already and we’re just getting started – she and her husband officially move in to the house tomorrow and I’m so excited to help them with some more projects!

Have a great weekend!

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