Being a mom is a huge part of my life and therefore a big part of what I blog about. I wanted to create a space on the blog to bring together every “mama” post I’ve ever written: everything from what I carry in the diaper bag to what our life looks like at various stages to my feelings on things like breastfeeding, staying at home, and keeping my house from being overrun by toys. It’s an easy way for me to look back on different stages of my journey as a mama (it’s so fun to see how far I’ve come!) but I also hope it can be a resource for other mamas looking for support, encouragement, and maybe an idea or two. With that being said, motherhood looks different for everyone – this is just my version ❤


Journey to Motherhood

Our First Baby – my ectopic pregnancy

My C-Section Experience

What’s in my Hospital Bag?

Vi’s Birth Story

Ollie’s Birth Story


Baby #2 Announcement

Baby #2 20 Week Update!

Bahamian Babymoon

Baby #2 Third Trimester Update

Baby Week is Here!

Baby #3 Announcement

Baby #3 is a . . .

Baby #3 30 Week Update

Baby #3 Third Trimester Final Post

My Postpartum Mama Favorites

Mama Life

A Day in the Life {11/16/18}

LJ’s First Haircut

Life Lately {June 2019}

A Day in the Life {7/9/19}

First Month as Family of Four

Two Years Old

LJ and the Pacifier

Six Months with Vi

A Day in the {Quarantined} Life

Vi is One!

A Weekend Day in the Life {2.13.21}

18 Months with Vi

One Year in a Pandemic

A Day in the Life {9.13.21}

October 2021 Fall Activities

April 2022 Activities

A Day in the Life {6.2.22}

A Day in the Life {9.9.22}

Six Weeks as a Family of Five


Fall 2022 Family Activities

Minimal Mama: Living with less and simplifying holidays, birthdays, and everything in between

Finding Balance with Toys

Simplified First Halloween

LJ’s Low-Key First Birthday

LJ’s Simplified Nursery

Playroom and Secret Nook

Low Expectations for a Two Under Two Halloween

Non-Toy Gift Ideas

Intentional Gifts: Toys with a Greater Purpose

LJ’s Second Birthday

Reducing Waste at Snack Time (as much as I can)

Storing Kids’ Clothes

Vi’s Simple Nursery Part One and Part Two

Vi’s Sweet and Simple First Birthday Party

Keeping the Playroom Manageable

Shopping Small for Simple Toddler Christmas Gifts

How We Minimize Gifts at Birthdays

Vi’s Second Birthday (Birthday present here)

Where I Look for Meaningful Gifts (2021)

LJ’s Fourth Birthday

Ollie’s Nursery


Balancing Work at Home with a Baby

Working out as a SAHM

Surviving Sick Days at Home

I Don’t Always Love Staying at Home (and that’s okay)

Tackling DIY with Little Ones at Home

Simplifying the Diaper Bag




Two Under Two

Diaper Clutch

Traveling with Little One(s)

Traveling with a Baby {Road Trip Tips}

Traveling with a Baby {Plane Tips}

Tips for Hotels with a Baby

Simplified Packing for Travel with a Baby

Simplifying Preparation for Trips

Road Trip Tips for Traveling with a Toddler (and baby!)

Disney World with Little Ones

Miscellaneous Motherhood Thoughts

Stay in the Picture, bikini and all

It Takes a Village – I get by with a little help from my friends

On Days When I Need a Little Boost

Lowering The Bar

Breastfeeding: A Complicated Journey

Mamas Matter! My Self Care Soapbox

Waking Up Early

Toddler Thoughts

Marriage in the Little People Years

If you read no other book on motherhood, read this one!

The Firsts and the Lasts

Mother’s Day 2020

Antiracism and Encouraging Racial Equality at Home

The end of my Breastfeeding Journey

Fur Babies (because I’m their mama too!)

Macie’s Blog Debut!

Meet Scout

Macie & Scout: Our First Babies

Macie is Seven!

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