Home Tour 2022

It’s officially been three years since we’ve moved into our house, and every year I like to share a little tour of the home with a look at each space. Each year, we complete projects and make the home feel more and more like us and it’s so fun to see how things change over time. Some spaces are now updated, some are in progress, some are still looking more or less the same that they did when we moved in. To see our previous home tours, you can click the links here for the 2020 tour and 2021 tour.

I say this every year, but it’s worth mentioning again: during these tours, I certainly clean my house so it’s looking its best, but I also try to keep it true to the way we really live. I don’t move furniture in or out of a room (although I am always tempted to move our exercise bike ha!) I don’t style shelves differently or take things off my fridge. This is what our home really looks like in the way we live here!


Guest Bedroom

While our big renovation of this space happened in late 2019/early 2020, this room got a few more upgrades this past year with a new bed, fresh bedding, a faux wallpapered look (which isn’t quite finished yet!), and swapped out nightstands. Justin and I are hoping to replace the carpet later this year as well and then I think I’ll probably stop tinkering in here for a while.

Guest Bathroom

No major changes here, but I did remove a decorative tray that used to hold the soap dispenser, a candle, and faux succulent to free up some counter space for guests and added two gold canisters on the ledge for cotton balls and q-tips.

Entertaining Space

No major changes here either since last year but we do have plans to update the carpet (it’s in really bad shape throughout the entire basement) and I still need to update the window trim.

Basement Kitchen

Mudroom/Storage Room

While most rooms in our home have (in my opinion) only improved over the years, this is one that has steadily gotten worse and worse. Yikes! It really needs a major overhaul and in fact, we’ve talked about totally changing its function and making it into a home gym space. I’d love to see this space look completely revamped in our 2023 home tour – fingers crossed!

Main Floor


This was a space I tackled in fall 2021 and I am thrilled with how it turned out! It’s such a cheery little spot now and it really does make laundry feel a little bit less like a chore.

Full Bathroom

Powder Room

Still unchanged from the day we moved in! At this point, I’ve decided to wait on major changes to this room until we re-do the flooring throughout the entire main floor, which I would love to see happen in the next year or two.

Home Office

Easily my favorite room in the entire house! This was well worth all the effort that we put in way back in fall 2020.

Dining Room


Revamping our kitchen for about $1000 last spring took me from itching to do a big, expensive gut remodel to being perfectly content with this space as is for several years while we plan and save for that big remodel. It just feels fresh and reflects our family so much better now! I do a lot of Phase One updates around here but I think this one has been my favorite so far.


With each passing year, the playroom changes – not because the room itself has many differences, but because the toys change with my kids’ evolving interests. Right now, the hot-ticket items that get played with the most are the dress-up clothes (Vi), the train table that is now constantly covered with Lego creations (LJ) and the play kitchen (both).

Living Room

Sigh. One of these years, I’ll finally address this room (there’s so much potential!) For now, this works well for life with toddlers.

Secret Nook


Over a year has gone by with this two-tone double entry look. It does bother me, but apparently not enough to have hired a painter to get the second level finished, ha! Maybe this will get completed before next year’s home tour? At this point, it’s a toss up.

At least the stairway to the basement is finished!

Top Floor

Primary Bedroom

One of the biggest transformations that happened over the past year was with Justin and my bedroom. It went from a boring blank slate to a colorful and moody retreat! I am so happy with it!

Primary Bathroom

Kids’ Shared Room

Earlier this year we moved Vi and LJ into the same room and it’s been so fun creating a sweet little shared space for them. Even Scout is a fan!

Kids’ Bathroom


This room is my current project and is very much a work-in-progress, but I’m excited for the changes so far and can’t wait until we have a snuggly baby enjoying this space too!

And that’s a wrap on our home! Three years in, and we’re feeling super grateful to get to call this place ours. I love making it into a comfortable, beautiful space for our family, but most of all, I just love living life with my people here. This house has been good to us and we’re enjoying it every step of the way.

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