Fall 2021 ORC Week Four Update

Over the past week, my family and I took a little family trip out to Virginia for an extended weekend – we left Thursday and came back on Tuesday. It was a wonderful trip filled with lots of family time and reunions for both of us (fun fact: even though I grew up in Ohio, my college is in the same Virginia city as Justin’s high school!) This was Justin’s 15 year high school reunion and my 10 year college reunion so it was really fun for us to get to catch up with people we haven’t seen in years.

Since that trip took the majority of the past week, I wasn’t able to get much accomplished on the laundry room; however, there are still things to share!


First up, yesterday I got a little more stenciling done. I specifically focused on the little nook where our “mudroom” space fits because it’s high time for us to get that space functional for our family again! I spent about an hour working on the corner and bottom edges of this section and the only thing left to do now is the trim.

The corner was pretty tricky but I managed to get it done (I’ll share more when I write up a tutorial for this stencil project!) and thankfully the pattern is busy enough that mistakes blend right in.

Can you see into the little bathroom? That’s become a dumping ground for all our jackets and coats and I’m very ready for a more efficient system!

Speaking of more efficient system, I finally ordered a storage bench! I debated building one but I really don’t have the time since I’m planning on building shelves above the washer and dryer. I was able to find this bench which fits our small space perfectly and checks several boxes: storage for shoes, a bench for my kids to sit to put shoes on, and the lid even lifts for bonus storage of hats and gloves. I ordered the natural wood version when we were in Virginia and it was waiting for us when we got back, but unfortunately, the color isn’t really working.

I usually love a natural look but with the muted yellow walls, it just doesn’t feel like the right amount of contrast. I ordered the darker version which is set to arrive tomorrow so fingers crossed it is a better fit for the space.

Another item that is changing from my original plan is the light fixture. I really want to have some fun with the light and originally, I wanted this gorgeous brass fixture. Unfortunately, everywhere I look, I see some version of this:

Additionally, the more I think about it, the more I’m not sure a white and brass combination will be the best fit for the space. The walls are already yellow and white and I’m thinking I want a bit more contrast. Right now, I’m loving this pendant from Rejuvenation and I’m considering it in rosemary or pine or maybe even the copper!

This week may not have been big for progress, but I know things are going to start really picking up speed now that I’m nearly finished with the stenciling. I can’t wait to see it come together!

Be sure to check out other One Room Challenge participants and their projects here. Lots of amazing projects happening right now!

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