Decorating with the Feeling of Fall

I don’t do a ton of seasonal decorating throughout the year, but the months of September – December just hit different for me. I love switching things up for fall and then Christmas! This year I felt inspired to decorate for fall but felt less drawn to “typical” fall décor like mounds of pumpkins and more drawn to subtle things that have the feeling of fall.

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so I shopped my home and hit up the thrift stores for inspiration. Today I wanted to share some of the things that I’m using that felt like fall to me. There’s a good mix of things from Target, things I thrifted, and things I DIYed (like these cute pumpkins made from old books!) – in other words, a collected mix that fits right in with the rest of the house!

Warm Metals

I think warm metals like brass and copper mimic the golden yellow and orange leaves of fall, and while use these metals in my house all year long, adding even more into my décor this time of year definitely strengthens the fall vibe.

Two copper-colored pots caught my eye at the thrift store – they were just the right size for planters. I added a few small rocks to the bottoms to create some drainage before adding in plants. In one, I decided to combine beauty + function and filled it with a cilantro plant I can snip from for meals. I especially love the copper + wood combination; it feels so warm and cozy on my kitchen counter!

Even the playroom got a little fall addition with this fun little brass and copper pot I thrifted!

I’ve slowly been thrifting a small collection of brass candlesticks and a variety of tapered candles in different colors and sizes. Brass candles + white tapers felt like the perfect fall combination for my dining room table. I had initially hoped to use thrifted candles, but the ones I found ended up being too discolored so I bought a simple set from Target. Add in a fall garland and plaid tablecloth and it feels just right for a simple fall tablescape.

And speaking of candles . . .


I don’t burn many candles throughout the year, but come fall, I love to have a candle burning. It not only makes my home feel cozy and warm, but I love the scents of fall candles. I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin scents but I enjoy things like apple, amber, and spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. I love that candles have the power to make you feel like you’re sitting around a campfire or walking through a farmer’s market! I particularly love this autumn candle from a local small business:

Also, did you notice that white pumpkin peeking out from behind my green glass jars? I picked that up from Target a few years ago and it’s currently housing treats.

Colored Vessels

To me personally, bright orange feels “Halloween-y” but muted orange feels like “general fall.” Does that make any sense? Unless it is an actual pumpkin or gourd that came from nature, I kind of reserve any bright orange décor for just the month of October. Otherwise, the oranges I use are muted and soft and I work to incorporate other earthy fall tones like shades of brown, green, red, and yellow.

In my search for non-traditional fall décor, I thrifted some vessels in earth tones – dark brown pitchers and the tinted green glass bottles shown on my kitchen island above – that feel like subtle nods to fall. I pair them with objects in wood, stone, copper, brass, etc. and the overall effect is definitely a fall vibe.

Thrifted: cutting board, copper container, ceramic pitcher. Target: frame, candle (old).

PS – I don’t really do fall artwork but couldn’t resist this digital download print. The print itself was about $4, printing it at my local FedEx print shop was about $2, and I already had the frame. Inexpensive and cute seasonal artwork!

Dried Florals/Greenery

The easiest and cheapest way to incorporate fall into my home is to head outside and bring it in. Last September, I snipped some hydrangeas from our bush outside and stuck them in a vase in our bedroom. They have held up for an entire year as cute – and FREE – decor. This year, I once again headed outside to forage for fall and was not disappointed.

I scoured the trees and flowerbeds and Justin brought some clippings from the woods – it was fun to see what all we could gather!

Along with greenery, another very inexpensive option I decided to display was my seasonal groceries, like the apples in a wooden bowl above.

I placed some bosc pears on a black wooden pedestal I thrifted a while ago; paired with a few fall leaves from outside and a copper candle, it creates a simple little fall moment (a temporary fall moment anyways; as I type this up, LJ is looking through the pears deciding which one he wants to eat!)

Patterned Textiles

I had hoped to thrift textiles like blankets and napkins that felt like fall, but the thing about thrifting is sometimes you hit the jackpot and other times you don’t. It’s a waiting game that rewards the patient and persistent, so I’m not giving up, but I currently don’t have as many textiles as I had hoped for. One thing I did find is a large swatch of plaid fabric for $4. It’s unfinished, and I actually bought it with a Christmas project in mind (stay tuned!), but it was just large enough to work as a fall tablecloth for now. I threw it over the table in our basement and love how it looks paired with these vessels + greenery.

Mix and Match!

You probably picked up on this, but my favorite fall moments are a mix of things on this list. It was actually pretty hard for me to figure out which picture to include in each section on this post because they all had multiple elements! I also love the juxtaposition of something new from Target mixed with something thrifted that is likely years, if not decades, old. It creates a unique mix that feels just right for me.

I also had a lot of fun shopping my own home and seeing things with fresh eyes. I pulled out my cookbooks from the cabinet and displayed a couple that had a fall vibe. I rearranged various bowls, vases, and trays that I’ve picked up over the years to display different fall items. It’s always amazing to see what I already have by just shopping around the rooms.

I fully expect these little fall moments in my house to fluctuate throughout the season – first of all, the fruit is going to get eaten ha! But also, I’m going to continue to have my eye out for little things here and there that feel like fall and I’m sure I’ll be tweaking things as time goes on. For me, that’s half the fun!

Happy Fall!

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