A Few Small Nursery Updates

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been making a few small changes in the nursery. None of them have really warranted a full blog post on their own, but now that they’re all in place it felt like a good time for a little collective update!

First up, after three years in this house we finally have a laundry hamper in the nursery. Can you believe we never had one the entire time Vi used this room? Whenever we had dirty clothes I would just carry them into the kids’ room and toss them in that hamper. I found this lidded woven basket and it was love at first sight – the leather handle is a great detail, it’s well made and very high quality, and it’s fair trade! I also love how the woven texture brings an organic, natural feel to the room. It feels like the perfect fit. Since we have a diaper pail on the other side of the dresser, the hamper is currently sandwiched between the dresser and the door but once we’re out of the diaper stage, it will go on the other side of the dresser.

I also found this little brass elephant at a local vintage sale. I thought it was so sweet and a perfect little detail to add to the nursery!

Speaking of brass, when I first put the nursery together, I bought two vintage brass planters. I loved the look but felt like they were too small for the wall, so over the past few months I’ve been searching Etsy and purchasing more as I find them. I now have five and the wall feels much more proportioned! I love the collected look of various shapes and sizes.

This room doesn’t get great natural light (I had to turn the lights on to take pictures of the planters), but my first attempt with a real plant lived! Now that I have more planters, I decided to try adding another real plant. Can you guess which two plants are real?

I know the nursery will continue to evolve as Ollie grows and his needs change, but for now it feels like it’s at a good place! Although . . . is a room really ever done being tweaked? I think not 🙂

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