New Pillow Inserts in the Living Room

I’ve said before that the living room wins the award for slowest and steadiest renovation and I recently made another small change. It might be subtle at a glance, but in our day to day life this change made a big difference for us!

Last month I shared that I added some new pillows and artwork to the living room. The pillows were all from Target and while I obviously really liked the pillow covers, the inserts left something to be desired. I specifically chose pillows that had removable covers so I could easily clean them if needed and swap out the inserts.

We use the things in our house – it isn’t worth it to me to buy something that’s beautiful but not comfortable/easy to use/helpful/etc. It needs to be pretty and functional! While these pillows were technically functional, they weren’t very soft and comfy for lounging on the couch – and isn’t that the whole point? I knew from past experience with similar inserts they likely wouldn’t maintain shape over time.

I decided to buy new inserts to increase the comfort and longevity of the pillows. I chose these inserts and sized up for each pillow – for a 20 x 20 cover, I bought a 22 x 22 pillow; for a 22 x 22 cover, I bought a 24 x 24 pillow, etc. Sizing up gives each pillow a fuller look!

Here’s a side by side comparison of the original insert (left) and the new insert (right). You can see that the new insert is larger, fuller, and made of a different material. They feel so much more substantial!

The difference may seem subtle on camera, but I promise in real life it looks and feels significantly different. They’re cozy, comfortable, and we will enjoy lounging with them for years to come!





And just a reminder – our large frame over the couch is from FrameItEasy and my code for 10% off your order is still active until Wednesday (May 24, 2023). You can click this link to order and the discount will automatically be applied!

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