Easter 2020

Easter 2020 was certainly not like any other year, but it was definitely one I’ll remember for years to come!

We kicked off our festivities on Saturday with cookie decorating during Vi’s naptime. My friend has her own cookie business and she created DIY cookie decorating kits available for people to do in their homes.


LJ loved this activity (especially the frosting) and we had a great time decorating.

20200411_11241120200411_1124450He was so proud of his cookies!


Next up, egg dying. Surprisingly, not as messy as I anticipated with a toddler haha!


We also did an egg hunt in our yard. LJ had SO much fun running around collecting eggs and it was hilarious to see which ones he found right away and which ones seemed obvious but escaped his notice for a long time.


Sunday morning I made us a pancake breakfast and LJ and I read through the Easter story and colored his Sunday School Easter packet together before our family sat down to stream our church service online.


I’m not going to sugarcoat things: Easter Sunday wasn’t some perfect, magical day. LJ woke up at 5:00 am (he usually sleeps until 7:30). Both he and Violet were pretty distracting during the church service, plus we were all tired from our early morning wake-ups. Quite frankly, both Justin and I are functioning at a different level these days. Our baselines levels of stress, anxiety, and frustration are higher thanks to all that COVID-19 has brought. I think when this whole thing started, we were relatively optimistic about everything, but as the weeks have gone on, it has taken its toll. This weekend we both felt like we were running on empty and we both struggled with impatience this morning.

Thankfully, after playing a game with my siblings and parents over Zoom, both our kids napped at the same time so Justin and I were able to rest and nap as well.


Our whole family felt refreshed after our naps, and the second half our our day was so much smoother. We got to dress Vi up in her Easter dress so I could take a picture (she’s growing so fast, it’s a real possibility that she’ll outgrow these clothes before she gets a chance to wear them!)


We got to do a family Zoom with my siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents since we weren’t able to all get together for Easter dinner and it was so nice to see everyone.

LJ has recently become really interested in fishing so he and Justin spent some time out by the pond. LJ was so excited to get to reel in the line on daddy’s fishing pole – melt my heart! Vi and I watched them while rocking on our porch swing and it was the kind of peaceful family evening that I cherish. Honestly, these sweet moments of quiet togetherness were probably my favorite of the entire day.


Afterwards, we came inside and Justin re-hid a few of LJ’s Easter eggs in the house so he got to do another little hunt before winding down for bed. As I reflected back on the weekend, I realized that even though it wasn’t a perfect weekend on paper, we got to spend time as a family, celebrate and worship together, have fun starting little traditions, and enjoy quiet moments of peace. Pretty perfect after all.

I know these days are uncertain, but I’m so thankful for Easter and the hope that I have in Jesus. ❤ I hope you were all able to find some joy and peace this weekend too!


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