A Look inside My Purse

Good morning! I’m linking up with Shay and Erika for the second time this month for their Let’s Look series. Past topics this year include a look into my bedside table, my winter wardrobe, and how I “do” Easter. Today’s topic is a look inside your purse!

This was supposed to be the topic in March but they pushed it back due to how crazy life was in the beginning of COVID 19 in the US. Can you believe it’s been an entire month since this all started? It feels both shorter and much, much longer at the same time. I’m only leaving the house for groceries these days, and I’m not taking my kids along, so it does feel kind of weird to talk about what I carry in my purse since I don’t really use my purse or my diaper bag at all right now. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to once again!

So I very very rarely even use a purse. Ever since LJ was born, I’ve made a conscious effort to simplify what I carry around when I leave the house. I don’t want to be schlepping a diaper bag on one arm, a purse in another, and try to loop an infant car seat in the crook of my elbow. It’s just too much stuff!

For the last 2.5 years, I’ve used my backpack diaper bag as my purse. I have blogged several times about what I carry in my diaper bag through the various stages of motherhood (newborn, infant, toddler, 2 under 2) and one thing has always remained the same: I keep the front pocket of my diaper bag reserved for only my stuff. I keep it super streamlined with the things I am most likely going to need when we’re out of the house.  As of today, the following things are in that front pocket:


I obviously always take my wallet in the main compartment of the diaper bag. Other than that, my most reached-for items are my extra hair tie or a snack (usually a granola bar). I also usually have a pen, tylenol, gum, headphones, hand sanitizer, and something for my lips. That’s it!

Sometimes, I do actually get to leave the house without my kids. (Whoohoo!) On those occasions, I do one of two things. If I’m just running out to do errands or go to a coffee shop or my spin class or something like that, I’ll just take my wallet. I love having a wristlet because it’s super easy to carry around just by itself. I always make sure mine has plenty of storage and love this one from Target.

If I’m going out for a girls night with friends or a date night with Justin, I like to take along a slightly bigger clutch. I love the one pictured below – it’s neutral enough to go with everything and it’s big enough to hold my wallet, phone, and something for my lips (it’s always one of the three pictured!) but small enough to use as a wristlet if I want.


I wasn’t always this minimal in what I carry around. I used to take everything from a mini first aid kit to tweezers, a nail file, lotion, even a mini notebook in my purse. But the fact is, for 99% of occasions, I do not need that stuff. I can go without them for a few hours when I’m out and about. And it makes things so much simpler to not be digging around in a cluttered purse to try to find something while my baby is fussing and my toddler is running around. Keeping my purse simplified makes life so much easier!

What are your must-haves to carry around when you leave the house?

4 thoughts on “A Look inside My Purse”

  1. I think my must have items totally depend on what we’re doing and where we’re going. I often leave with just my cell phone in my pocket and my sunglasses on my head… as long as I’m not the one driving.

  2. I keep a credit card sized card in my wallet with my family’s measurements, (including clothing, hat & shoe sizes) and a tiny, washable tape measure. So I have the info I need if I need to pick up some socks etc for someone, or if I see a bargain.

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