ORC Week Two: Black Windows + Layout Options

We’re one week in to the One Room Challenge and over this past week, I’ve made a small amount of progress with our primary bedroom.


Since I am still waiting for our bedframe to arrive (the original delivery date was supposed to be tomorrow, but now the updated tracking says Monday), I’m not able to make many other decisions on colors and textiles yet. One thing I knew I wanted no matter what was black windows, so I tackled that this past week!

I’ve been slowly painting all our windows Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black in a satin finish and I just love the way it makes the windows pop! I ripped off the old trim because we’ll be replacing that anyways and it made the windows much easier to paint.

It might not be much, but I’m happy with this simple change and I’m excited to keep moving on the project!

I’ve been using floorplanner.com to try out a few different layout options and get an idea for how I’ll actually set up the room. The room is very large (we think too large) but it has some design challenges with door placement and shape of the room. Here’s one layout option with the king bed in the same place our queen bed currently is:

The benefit to the above layout is an easy room flow – the door on the left side of the room leads out to the hallway and the door on the bottom leads to our bathroom. It does make the room feel too heavy on one side, and with a king bed, I think the walkway between the bed and the corner of the wall down from the bay window might feel a little cramped.

The other layout I’m considering is:

This room feels more balanced, and I love that I could get a little chair or vanity in the bay window area. The downfall is, now we have to walk all the way around the bed every time we walk through the room and we’re not sure how annoying that would be. My gut is leaning towards this bed placement, so I think we’ll at least try it out. If we hate it, we can figure something else out!

I’m crossing my fingers that my bed actually arrives Monday so we can keep moving on this project. In the meantime, be sure to check out all the other ORC participants here!

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