Carpet is Coming (but I have some things to do first!)

We’re back from our beach vacation and it was such a blast! We made some great memories and had so many fun experiences as a family. For as much fun as we had, it’s also good to be back in our own house and get back to our normal routines. And I for one am ready to jump back in to some house projects!

One big thing that is finally happening this week is new carpet will be installed in both of the kid bedrooms! Our entire house is in need of new flooring and it was a goal of mine for 2022 to get started on replacing. We decided to start with the nursery and kids’ shared bedroom because these two rooms will have the same carpet and they’re the smallest rooms, making these rooms the least expensive option to start with. The carpet in these rooms is currently worn down with various stains throughout so I’m very ready for a fresh look. I’m just a little bit nervous because the carpet I liked the best in store did not have any take-home sample option and I had to make the decision based on the tiny sample in store without actually seeing it in the space – fingers crossed it looks like I imagine it will! Can you guess which one I went with?

Before the new carpet gets installed (in two days!), there are a few things I would like to accomplish in the rooms. Here’s a look at what needs to happen first:

Take down closet shelving

Have you ever put something on a to-do list that you’ve just finished, for the sole purpose of being able to cross something off right away? That’s what I’m doing here ha! I worked on clearing out the closets yesterday and Justin took down the shelving units so this task is already complete!

The previous owners had created their own shelving units in the closets, and while they have worked fine for the past 3 years, they are not what I want long-term. We have plans to reconfigure the closets eventually to better maximize their efficiency for our needs, not to mention we may possibly be adding a bathroom off the nursery someday (nothing concrete, just a dream at this point!) which would completely change the door/orientation of that closet. Suffice to say – the shelving was always temporary for us. The previous owners installed the shelving first, and then the carpet around it, which meant the carpet was installed around the shelving. To avoid cutting the carpet around shelving we don’t plan to keep long term, it needed to come down now.

See the notch in the carpet where the shelving used to be? That’s exactly what we didn’t want, so I’m glad the shelves are down!

Patch and re-paint the old mirror anchor holes

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I shopped my house for mirror options for above the nursery dresser and came up with three choices: the same simple, gold round mirror that previously hung there, a smaller gold mirror with a fun organic leaf border, or the black oval mirror from the kids’ shared bedroom. I finally settled on the black oval and swapped the round gold one into the kids’ bedroom instead. I’m really happy with the swap, but due to the different shapes, we couldn’t use the old anchor holes to hang them in their new locations. Justin patched the old anchor hole in the nursery last night but I still need to sand and paint it, and we also need to do the same thing in the kids’ shared room.

Touch up ceiling paint

Both ceilings need touch ups – in the nursery, I need some touch ups around the edges and in the kids’ room, I need to paint around the new fan, since the base on the new fan is smaller than the old one. The problem is, we painted the ceiling a couple years ago and I didn’t take note of what paint we used! So I’m not sure if I’ll be able to match it or if I’ll have to just re-paint entirely but either way, it needs to happen before the new carpet!

Address the “accent” wall

Oy. The accent wall in the kids’ room. For so long, it was just a boring white wall. Then I decided to add a fun wallpaper and was so excited for it – until we discovered the scale they sent was all wrong and the pattern was actually half the size I wanted. I’ve been in this limbo of “should I go with the smaller scale pattern, should I keep looking for another pattern, or should I just paint my own unique pattern on the walls for now?” I’m still not sure which direction this is going to go, but I need to at last touch up the wall. I painted the trim and the baseboards and was NOT careful about getting paint on the walls because I thought there was going to be wallpaper covering it. Well…now that that is on pause, it just looks terribly messy. I need to re-paint neatly around the trim so it at least looks nice for the time being! It would also be nice if I could get the doors painted in each room, but I can also take them out of the rooms and paint them elsewhere if need be so that’s going to be the last priority.

Looking at this list, it’s not too terribly long BUT did I mention I only have two days to accomplish these things? The carpet installer comes Wednesday morning so I’ve got to get to it!

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