New Carpet in Kids’ Bedrooms

Last Wednesday, we had carpet installed in both the nursery and LJ and Vi’s shared room and I absolutely love it!

I went into carpet shopping with a pretty specific idea in mind of what I wanted: a warm greige color in a lower pile that still felt soft and had a subtle hint of pattern. I found a Stainmaster style called SOS Shore Line and it seemed perfect except for one small issue . . . there were no samples available to take home and see in my own space. I tentatively made the decision in my head, but came back another day with a baseboard sample to try and envision if the tones of the colors work together (I know paint colors can absolutely change, but I tend to like muted, mid-tone warm colors for bedrooms so this strategy at least gave me a little help with the vision). I settled on the color Shoreline and placed the order. It took about a month between placing the order and getting the call from installation services to set up an install date.

Last week I shared a list of the things I hoped to accomplish before the carpet got installed and I’m happy to report that I finished everything just in time! I was able to touch up all the walls and finish painting the ceilings so everything feels extra fresh.

I definitely breathed a big sigh of relief after seeing the carpet in the space because I do think the color works really well in both rooms. I love the subtle linear pattern – it’s just enough for a bit of visual interest but not too much to be distracting. The pile is low enough that we can add a rug on top if we want, but the carpet is soft enough that it’s not necessary to do that unless we want to for aesthetic reasons. The true test of softness happened when the kids got to check it out – they both give it two thumbs up!

It’s truly amazing to me what a difference a change in carpet makes. The old carpet was 20+ years old and had been well-used over the years; we know stains and wear and tear come with just living in a space and that’s totally okay, but it was definitely time for a replacement. It feels like a fresh start for both rooms and feels so good to walk into a room that we’ve been able to address top to bottom!

Next on my list is replacing the baseboards in each room with a thicker version, and then I just have a few more finishing touches in each room before calling them good for now. At this point, my deadline for these rooms is August 10 – baby’s due date – but I’d love to wrap them both up in the next couple of weeks.

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