My Go-To Places for Finding Artwork

Big news around here today – the hardware for the dresser arrived early! Once it’s installed I’ll share it on the blog, but in the meantime you can see the hardware I chose, as well as a little problem I’m encountering with it, on my Instagram stories today. Since the dresser is so close to being finished, I’m ready to shift my focus to planning the wall around it. We already have a full length mirror in the room and we never used the mirror over our last dresser, so instead of a mirror I’m going to pull together a gallery wall above the dresser.

A portion of our playroom gallery wall blends family photos with original artwork (peach & pineapple) from JBeck Studio

When it comes to buying artwork for our home, I refrain from buying everything at places like Target, TJ Maxx, and Hobby Lobby. There’s nothing wrong with art from those stores (and I definitely have some pieces from them!) but it’s mass-produced and can feel like everyone has the same things. I prefer to create a more collected look by mixing in framed family photos with artwork that feels a little more unique and personal to me. I’m going to spend the next few days gathering all the prints and images I want to use for our bedroom, so today I thought it’d be fun to round up my go-to places for finding artwork for our home.

Butterfly print from BFF Print Shop paired with an original piece bought from a street artist in Florence, Italy

Juniper Print Shop

Juniper Print Shop’s Dab paired with a postcard I received from a friend

Whenever I need a print for my house, this is the first place I typically look. I love their curated collection of unique prints and it is really easy to mix and match them throughout the house. You can purchase a physical print and they’ll print it on high quality paper and ship it or you can purchase the digital download and have it printed yourself. I’ve always purchased the digital download and have never been disappointed! Their resolution is fantastic and many of the prints look like they have texture even though they do not. I’ve been eyeing this cute one for years now and I think the bedroom gallery wall will be the perfect place for it! I’ll mostly likely also incorporate a landscape print, like maybe this one or this one.

BFF Print Shop

I downloaded and printed this vintage Cracked Flower from BFF Print Shop

I think I’ve purchased four prints (again via digital download) from this store so far and I’ve been really happy with them all. The collection is huge so it’s a little harder to sift through and find just what you’re looking for, but the positive side is there are a lot of options so you’re more likely to find something that fits your vision. Their vintage collection is especially good and I love pairing a good vintage print with a thrift store frame for an elevated look at a low price. I also like their nature prints and modern line drawings for creating more eclectic pairings. I like the idea of finding some travel photography this time around to add to the bedroom gallery wall – maybe something like this or this?


Modern, Bright Entryway Makeover

Etsy is a bit of a mixed bag and there are soooooo many options to sift through, but it’s always rewarding when I can find the right thing! The landscape above is one of my favorite prints in our home and I’ve had guests over who can’t believe it’s a print. I also got the prints in LJ’s room from Etsy, so I’ve had some success there, but it does help to search for something specific. As the gallery wall comes together, if there’s a certain type of piece I feel like I need, Etsy will be a great option to search!

JBeck Studio


I have several pieces from Jenni (who just so happens to be my very talented sister) and they bring such a unique touch to whatever space they’re in! I also love supporting small businesses and having original art in my home, so this feels like a triple win.

Turn Mementos into Art

Art is so subjective and it should be meaningful to you, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box – it’s the easiest way to make your house feel uniquely yours! I have framed postcards from travels, recipes written by our grandmothers, handwritten lyrics of a hymn found tucked away in a family bible, and even an old wallpaper label found buried beneath layers of plaster in my grandparents’ farmhouse. I’ve framed a graphic print of the map of city that’s important to us. I’ve picked up original art from both a street vendor in Italy and my local farmers’ market. One year at the Christmas party for Justin’s work, they hired someone to do caricatures and ours is now framed in a gallery wall. Things like this always give such fun, unique touch to any wall so I’m constantly on the lookout for interesting finds to add to a wall.

Since this gallery wall will be in our bedroom, I’m going to add a few personal touches from our relationship. Several years ago I had a lettering artist create artwork out of our vows and that is already in our bedroom, but I think I’m also going to dig through a box I keep of other mementos and maybe frame a handwritten card or ticket stub or other small item that signifies something special about our marriage.

I’m so excited to dive in to this project and curate a gallery wall that feels just right for our bedroom!

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